About Dogchy

Gus wearing gold dog collar on the beach designed by DogchyThe story behind DOGCHY is the most fascinating one out there. My friend and I had been creating luxurious jewelry for men for years and the idea of making gold chain dog collars came to my mind when I was at a beach. My friend happened to put his Cuban Link around his dog Gus's neck. At first, the dog just sat amazed on the beach trying to figure out what the new beautiful piece of jewelry was. The next moment,  Gus stood up and walked around the beach. Wearing the Cuban link around his neck, he looked immensely royal and regal.

Immediately I had this thought- “Why not create luxurious chains for dogs?” With the amount of love and care that every owner has for their dogs, a gold chain dog collar would be the perfect accessory that they could get for them. I decided to name it DOGCHY, drawing inspiration from the word ‘catchy.’ Having years of experience in making jewelry I wanted to create designs that look rich and also provide function. Today, I am proud to say that this is a reality.

Our dog collars are GOLD and BOLD. They are created using standards that are applied to make human jewelry. All our products are made from marine grade steel and coated with premium gold plating, giving them a durable feel and a rich look. Dogchy’s dog collars are leash ready, corrosion-resistant, custom made and affordable.

At Dogchy, we believe that dogs deserve all our luxury love and getting them a gold chain is one of the best ways to show that to the world.