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I am a quasi-retired Professional looking for meaningful part-time freelance work. During my 40+ years in the Energy Engineering/Construction business I developed exemplary communication skills that served to advance my career also into litigation support consulting work as a testifying expert. So my UpWork offerings are multiple: TECHNICAL EDITING/PROOFREADING & WRITING is my primary intended work. My experience is ideally suited to it, and also fits my intended part time work schedule. See my Specialized Profile for more details. ENGINEERING Specialty Services which will somewhat overlap with the Technical Editing, but also include specific work such as developing RFP's, Proposals, and the evaluation of bids, and also include specialized work such as evaluation of Claims, development of same, and if needed, expert work, including affidavits and testimony. In cases where a Texas PE is needed, I can provide assistance in certain matters. [I'm NOT a Civil/Structural Engineer, but Mechanical by license. ]. See my Specialized Profile for additional details. I'm primarily interested in working from home or within the greater Houston area. I will be happy to send CV's, writing samples on request. NOTE: My rates are negotiable depending on the particular project.