Rose Gold and Silver Dual Tone Cuban Link Dog Collar - LUXE

Dual Tone Cuban Link Dog Collar - LUXE

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The Dual Tone LUXE is a truly special Cuban link dog collar that comes in a breathtaking combination of silver-finished and rose gold dog links. Extraordinary in color, it is not something you will find everywhere. An unconquerable show-stopper, the Double Luxe chain is the only thing you need to make your bully, the king of everyone’s hearts! 

Featuring high tensile strength, it guarantees a durable and all-purpose use, leaving you without any worries. You can take them out for cycling, trekking or any other adventure with a feeling that there is nothing to care about, except for the thrill!

  • Premium Polishing - plated with mirror-finishing of rose gold and stainless steel, the links are hand polished with absolute love.
  • 1.26” Width - thick and rugged, the chain promises to give your dog a stylish and enigmatic appeal.
  • 316 Stainless Steel - made from one of the highest grade stainless steel, it is mighty, heavy-duty and enchanting. 
  • Customized Size - no matter whether you own a small or large dog, we have the right sizes for all of them.

Let confidence and luxury follow your dog wherever they go, just by making them wear this Cuban Link dog chain.

Dogchy’s Premium Range of Gold Dog Chains come in multiple width and length options. 

Selecting the right size is important to give that perfect look! You can use this easy-to-follow guide to identify the correct size gold chain dog collar for your dog.

For chains with multiple width options, you can select a size based on your preference. To identify the length, follow the steps mentioned below.

Finding the Right Size:

  1. Take a string/measurement tape and wrap it around the widest part of your dog’s neck. 
  2. Keep the string reasonably tight. Do not add any slack or finger spaces.
  3. Pull off the string and measure the length. This will tell you the circumference of your dog’s neck. 
  4. You can repeat steps 1 to 3 a few times to make sure your measurement is accurate. 
  5. Add 1 inch (2.5cm) to the measurement for clasp collars. This is the ideal size of the gold chain dog collar that you should order.
  6. Add at least 2 inch (5.0 to 8.0cm) to choke collars.

Example - If the widest part of your dog’s neck measures 16 inch (40cm) or 17 inch (42.5cm), then you should order an 18 inches (45cm) gold dog collar. If it measures between 17.5 inch (43.5cm) to 19 inch (47.5cm) then you must order a 20 inch (50cm) gold dog collar.

Measurement Reference Chart




























  • The above guide is for full-grown adult size dogs. If you have a younger dog, then you should add a few more inches of slack depending on the breed and age of your dog. This will allow the chain to offer a great fit after your dog grows a few inches.
  • For dog chains without a clasp or buckle, measure the widest part of your dog’s head. It should slip through the head of the dog.

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